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Anaerobic O2 Monitoring You asked for it we delivered! The new Anaerobic Conditions Monitoring System (ACMS) is now available on A35 and A45 anaerobic workstations! No more anaerobic strips! No more guessing about proper anaerobic conditions in your workstation. Accurate O2 sensor inside the workstation and intuitive, easy-to-use alerts on the touch screen will insure your anaerobic workstation always has the correct atmosphere.
New A35 Anaerobic Workstation With 30 years of experience in designing workstations for a variety of applications and having listened to our users, the Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation is born. The A35 is the first workstation to be offered with our new glove/sleeveless system. This latest incarnation fulfils the diverse needs of both our research and clinical customers.
New MediaFill Plate Pourer We are proud to introduce MediaFill™; the new plate pourer from Systec. MediaFill is the perfect companion to the popular MediaPrep line of automated media sterilizers. Connect MediaFill to MediaPrep™ and you have completely closed and sterile walk-away system for media preparation and plate pouring.
RAPID LT PCR System The R.A.P.I.D. LT is a real-time PCR instrument capable of analyzing samples for the presence of targeted nucleic acid sequences. Built upon LifeCycler technology, this instrument combines rapid air thermo-cycling and a real-time fluorimeter to reliably identify key bacterial pathogens in test samples in as little as 35 minutes.
Systec Autoclaves Easy and safe. When the lid is closed, the lid is automatically locked by a circumferential ring system. A special lip seal made of heat resistant silicone provides reliable sealing. As steam pressure builds the seal becomes tighter.

BSL-3 Autoclaves

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New A55 Anaerobic Chamber

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1,000 - 1,400 plate capacity with ample work space! Dual user-defined incubation temperatures!
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Larger HX Series Autoclaves

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Up to 2350 Liter Volume!
Internal Steam Generation
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Microbiology International specializes in autoclaves, peristaltic pumps, air samplers, anaerobic chambers, plate pourers, media preparators and stomachers as well as other automation equipment used in microbiological laboratories. We also provide laboratories with the most innovative automation equipment as well as the highest quality rapid detection kits and consumable products for pathogen detection available worldwide. Our equipment quickly automates tedious, manual lab processes and when combined with our ability to provide customized culture media products, we are able to make your lab as efficient as possible. In short, we offer our clients...
Global Innovation * Superior Support TM

Our product line includes autoclaves, peristaltic pumps, air samplers, anaerobic chambers, plate pourers, media preparators and stomachers.


New MediaBoxTM Demi-Fraser Broth Now Available

MediaBox DemiFraser Special

MediaBoxTM enrichment broth is now available in Demi-Fraser broth for the selective enrichment of Listeria species. Our 5L Demi-Fraser MediaBoxTM is fully prepared and ready-to-use, and offers competitive pricing compared to powder media + supplement. No weighing messy powder or time-consuming sterilization process!

MediaBoxTM broths and buffers are fresh, easy-to-use and come in a convenient stackable storage box with a long shelf life. MediaBoxTM sterile liquids include Demi-Fraser broth, mTSB, modified UVM, Lactose broth, Butterfields, and Sterile water. Custom formulations are available.

All MediaBoxTM products pass strict quality control protocols and include Certificate of Analysis documentation. MediaBoxTM sterile liquids come in 5L, 10L and 20L boxes.



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