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xy500 XY500 Features

The XY500 provides a new level of laboratory standardization. Used in conjunction with the PM 05, the XY500 automates the filling of tubes, bottles (200mm maximum height), impedance cells, etc…Two racks of 252 tubes each can be filled in the same cycle. The filling platform is stainless steel for easy cleaning and disinfection. Containers can be placed on the platform with or without a rack. The XY500 is user programmable for ease of use, can store up to 20 different programs and quickly switches between a variety of containers with the press of a button. The XY500 is capable of rapid filling with up to three nozzle heads in place at once, allowing the user to fill three containers simultaneously.

The XY500 also features a convenient stand-by mode which keeps culture media in suspension; automatic repositioning of the dispensing tip and stepper-motor ensuring reliable performance in terms of accuracy and repeatability and electronic nozzle positioning which is set and corrected automatically when there is a misalignment.

System must be used with the PM05 programmable peristaltic pump. The two systems communicate via serial link.

dispensing pm05_and_xy500


Power Supply 115 volts +/- 10% (50/60Hz)
Capacity 200mm maximum vessel height
Programming 20 saveable programs
Positioning reproduceability >99%
Interface for PM 05 connection RS232
Dimensions (L x W x H) 710 x 650 x 450 mm
Tray Dimensions (L x W x H) 710 x 400 x 20 mm
Weight 25kg



PM05 programmable pump – Delivers liquid via peristaltic pump to the XY500 or manually used with tubing set only. Connects to XY500 via RS232 interface.


Standard Filling Tip 2-3mm

Standard Filling Tip 4-6mm

Dispensing Nozzle 4mm

Tubing Holder Bracket

Adjustable Rack Stand

252 Tube 18mm Aluminum Rack (Standard)

96 Tube 20mm Alum. Rack

96 Tube 18mm Alum. Rack

96 Tube 16mm Alum. Rack

96 Tube 14mm Alum. Rack

Custom racks available upon request


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